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Street Smart, High Style With An Uptown, Back Alley Approach

AKA is a Mens and Womens Premium Streetwear brand that is not just for kids but for the grown up “cool kids” as well.
AKA is designed for people who have fast paced, exciting lives, who want comfort and function paired with fashion and an image with an edge.

Adaptation and innovation is behind every decision that we make.
You can wear the same AKA pieces from early coffee to late cocktails, work to workout, cozy night in to crazy night out.
We believe that the clothes we wear should adapt to our choices and not dictate the choices that we make.

AKA is a must have for travelers because our styles move seamlessly from the suitcase to the body, ready to be worn.
We have designed fully reversible pieces with travel in mind to give you style options and lighten your load.

We want AKA to be the go to pieces in your closet that never get left at home.